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Eladó ikerházrész


Eladó Ikerházrész

4 + 2
215 m2
400 m2

Eladó egy 215 nm-es ikerházrész Pilisvörösvár településen, 400 nm-es telekkel


One half of a semi-detached house for sale
Two-generation house for sale in Pilisvörösvár: A house designed for two families, with
two separate flats and the possibility to create a business premise/workshop, or a third
apartment in the house, that can even be rented out.

Located in Pilisvörösvár, Hungary in the vicinity of downtown Budapest.
From the house, suburban railway is 8 minutes, the bus is 10 minutes away by walk.
Budapest is easily accessible by car also.

Surroundings: Due to the proximity of the mountains, the area is one of the most
beautiful and popular hiking areas in Hungary.
It is not only a place for those who want to escape, but also a great place to live!

Nearby places that provide unforgettable sights are e. g. the beautiful waterside
Dunakanyar, the Esztergom Bazilika, the Stephaneum in Piliscsaba, Lake Határréti,
Castle of Visegrád or the famous hill of Dobogókő” the Heart of the World”.
Sometimes we go for a boat cruise also across the Danube and stop by the island of
Tahitótfalu, or we go all the way to the other bank to have an ice cream at Vác.

• https://dailynewshungary. com/dobogoko-the-heart-of-the-world/
• https://www. visitesztergom-budapest. hu/en/boat-cruise-on-the-danube-bend
• https://www. snow-forecast. com/resorts/Dobogoko
• https://kompok-revek. hu/revatkelok/dunai-komp/tahitotfalu-vac/

The city: Pilisvörösvár is a friendly, and peaceful city with fresh air and lots of green. It is
a bit like Bayern, Germany.
• https://pilisvorosvar. hu/files/Documents/file/a363f0fd-6a78-430b-a474-8eac513b406e. pdf
• https://pilisvorosvar. kornyeke. hu/latnivalok-programok/kirandulas

We often go for a late-night walk to the nearby lake, and on the weekends, we love
driving on the beautiful roads which go through the surrounding mountains called Pilis.
The trails are so beautiful and impressive that driving by car is a great pleasure.

Nearby the city there are French, German and American schools for the future

Living space: 215 m2
Lot size: 400+ m2

The house:
Functionally an individual family house with 3 floors, huge spaces, fit for two families
and a business or an additional flat to let.
All 3 floors have the standard ceiling height (minimum 2, 6 m). The bottom 2 floors are
2, 8m in height.

Ground level: a big garage, a laundry room with shower and toilet, 2 storage rooms,
boiler room, hall. This ground is full of opportunities for it can give home to a
business/workshop or a single big apartment. For this purpose though, it is slightly

First floor: american kitchen-living room, 3 rooms, hall, a bathroom with toilet, 2
balconies. This is a fully modernized, comfortable and spacious living area.

Second floor: kitchen-diner, a room, a pantry, a bathroom with toilet, a balcony with
panorama. This floor is also modernized and comfortable to live in.

The house was built in 1985. It has a massive structure and is in great condition.
In 2018 we modernized the interior. This included new doors and windows, flooring,
painting, bathrooms, kitchens and furniture.

Water, gas, electricity, canal, and high-speed internet is readily available. The heating is
very inexpensive -as the house is eligible for the Hungarian government’s energy price
discount- and is provided by a reliable FÉG gas boiler. Hot water is delivered by Hajdú
electric boilers installed on each floor.



Pilisvörösvár településen kínálunk eladásra egy 400 nm-es telken elhelyezkedő, 3 szintes, 215 nm-es hasznos alapterületű ikerház részt (ikerház egyik fele), amiben 4 + 2 szoba található,  gázkazán fűtéssel és félpanoráma kilátással rendelkező jó állapotú ingatlan.
Az ingatlan építésének éve 1984.
Felújításra került: 2018.
A parkolás garázsban megoldott.

Az ingatlan energetikai besorolása: G.
Az átlagos rezsiköltség 77 000 Ft havonta.
Az átlagos gázfogyasztás az államilag meghatározott lakossági átlagfogyasztás határán mozog.
Az átlagos áramfogyasztás az államilag meghatározott lakossági átlagfogyasztás határán mozog.

Sikeres adás-vétel esetén már 2 hónapon belül birtokba is vehető.

Az ingatlanhoz tartozik erkély/terasz.